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YMCA Certified Water Aerobics Instructor

Aqua Kate has been teaching water aerobics in the Atlanta area for almost a decade.  Over the years she has developed a routine that is taking the aerobics world by storm.  A tidal wave in fact.  Her one hour routine includes stretching and aerobic movements that are easy to do and  a cool down that makes exercising seem like a fun splash   in the pool!

Aqua Kate water aerobics is for everyone, regardless of your age.  You can exercise to her routine at your own pace.  Her medium to high cardiovascular exercise works on every muscle in your body including your heart.  The weightlessness of the water allows you to move your legs, arms, abdomen and buttocks like you have never moved them before.


Hydro health kicks
Water aerobics instructor releases routine on video

By Jennifer Sami

POSTED  July 17, 2008 

When she was first told to try water aerobics, Kathy Lane laughed, saying it's "not fast enough." She's not laughing any more. In fact, she's now an aerobics instructor and primed to release her debut water aerobics DVD.   READ MORE...


FORSYTH COUNTY -Water Aerobics is nothing like resident Kathy Lane expected.  And that's a good thing if you ask her, especially since teaching the low-impact workout is now her job.  Lane has always been active and water aerobics struck her as a little too sedate. 

A true athlete, she used to play in the highly competitive Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) conference up until she hurt her back eight years ago.  "My neurosurgeon said 'if you continue to play competitive tennis, you will be in a wheel chair'" said Lane. The realization panicked her.  What should she do now?  Lane laughed at a suggestion to try water aerobics.  To her, the workout was just "not fast enough".           READ MORE...




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Also an excellent instructional video to start your own water aerobics program.


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Water Aerobics For Everyone...For Life!

Dr Sandi Smith PT                           Clinic Manager -Cumming, GA

Sovereign Rehabilitation



Licensed Physical Therapist Dr. Sandi Smith PT is Clinic Manager of Sovereign Rehabilitation.  In addition to almost 15 years of physical therapy experience, Sandi carries certificates in Pilates instruction, ergonomic evaluation and personal training.  She has completed extensive post graduate training in orthopedic manual therapy. 

"I highly recommend Kathy's water aerobic instructional class and DVD.  Her unique exercise program is designed for all ages and provides zero impact to the skeletal joints and a consistent cardiovascular program that delivers healthy results for a positive impact on muscle, heart and respiratory functions."

                              -Dr. Sandi Smith



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